Instagram ad

Image above: composite
Image by: Martin Salvato
Sources of images used: Alexsavin, Zdravljeizprirode, Cultofmac, Instagram


This ad is part of the same promotional campaign as the Facebook ad and therefore many aspects of it are similar: business objective, position in the customer journeytone of voice, and target audience.

The challenge

Increase Brand awareness and recall of Under Armour apparel in the UK.

The solution

Introduce the brand as a performing alternative to Nike and Adidas who connects to the target audience through the shared passion for an athletic lifestyle (as deduced from the company’s mission).

The result

An inspirational visual campaign that wants to associate Under Armour with freedom and self-determination

Image above: composite
Image by: Martin Salvato
Sources of images used: Alexsavin, Zdravljeizprirode

In this ad the power of the words “run everywhere, conquer the city” is expressed by two women running on an unrealistically empty Westminster bridge in London. The eye-catching image wants to give the viewer a sense of freedom along with inspiration to go out and exercise making the most out of the city.
According to a post on Instagram’s official blog and M. da Chuna from Wordstream, the way Instagram advertising works makes it less obvious than other platforms that the user is engaging with an ad, therefore the attention is immediately brought to the image itself that in this case has been left free of branding on purpose because research, conducted by Cursive Content Marketing and L. Roland on WARC, shows that users prefer non branded content. Once the attention has been caught the user moves to the caption of the image where the Under Armour name appears along with the inspirational message.
According to L. Roland (WARC) “Instagram’s inspiring imagery prompts fashion purchases” which makes Instagram the perfect platform not just for raising brand awareness but also for initiating sales given the raising popularity of athleisure clothing in the UK, according to an article on the Telegraph by A. Armostrong.

The target audience for this ad is young women and are defined on the social media platform as shown in the screenshot below.

Capture.JPGImage source: Facebook
(The estimated daily results are based on a realistic spending of 10,000£ per day.)


Under Armour makes you enjoy your city by bending it to your (exercising) needs.


An Instagram ad that catches the viewer attention for the beauty of the iconic place along with the sense of freedom and relax given by the women running in an unrealistically empty London. The pictures aim to inspire people to exercise and see spaces where others don’t see them.
Under Armour wants to be an ambassador for an athletic lifestyle.


Using the tools provided by facebook’s platform Under Armour can keep track of the many stats shown in the image below. Of particular interest for this ad are the metrics regarding awareness and reach.

facebook metricsImage source: Facebook

Image specification

The image has been created in Photoshop following the guidelines and image requirements provided by Facebook

Size: 1,934 x 1,934 pixels

Image ratio: 1:1

Resolution: 72 dpi

Colour: RGB

The images that compose the “instagram ad” image were taken from the following sources: Alexsavin, Zdravljeizprirode, Cultofmac, Instagram


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